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Out of Character Information

player name: Errin
player journal: [personal profile] order_of_the_phoenix
playing here: I used to play Hermione, Vanille and Tifa. o.o /waves lamely
where did you find us? I ALWAYS KNEW ABOUT YOU! I don't remember.
are you 16 years of age or older?: I'm 25. :)

In Character Information

character name: Aerith Gainsborough
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Timeline: Two years after her death.
character's age: 22

powers, skills, pets and equipment: Aerith is considered a Final Fantasy White-Mage. As such, she is more of a Healer than a Fighter (i.e. she relies on Magic more than her physical might). That is not to say, however, that she can't use her staff in battle (because she can). However, Aerith's true might lies in her Magic. She can also use Summon Materia to complement her Magic.

Her Ultimate Limit Break is called Great Gospel.

As for her equipment, she always carries a staff around with her - during her life, that is. So, now that she is alive again, she will have that in her possession. Aside from that, she will be dressed in her traditional pink dress, pink bolero, brown boots and various ribbons (around her neck and, of course, the infamous ribbon in her hair). She also wears a pair of golden bracelets around her wrists.

canon history: Aerith is the only child of Professor Gast Faremis and Ifalna (the last pure-blooded Cetra). She was born on February 7th, 1985 to the loving couple. However, their happiness was not meant to last. Hojo interfered with their lives when Aerith was only twenty days old. He killed Aerith's father and kidnapped Aerith and her mother. For seven years, Hojo performed experiments on the female duo.

Yet, in 1992 things changed. Ifalna was able to escape with her seven year old daughter, but they weren't out of danger yet. Because of what had been done to her body, Ifalna was dying. On the train tracks in the Midgar Slums, she met Elmyra Gainsborough and handed Aerith over to her. Promptly after doing so, she died.

From that point on, Elmyra raised Aerith as her own child in the Sector 5 Slums. Aerith slowly grew and did things that came naturally to her (considering she was not always aware of her abilities). In fact, it was around this time that Aerith found the church and began planting the seedlings that would compose her garden later.

However, the girl was not given complete peace. Once ShinRa found out where she was, they pursued her relentlessly. Tseng, a member of the Turks, was one of the few to protect Aerith and see, somewhat, to her happiness. It is rumored that he did so out of a crush he had on her, but nothing came of that relationship.

In 2000, after the young girl had grown into a beautiful (if not a bit awkward) young woman, Aerith finally met Zack Fair. He "fell from the sky" supposedly (though it's more likely that he didn't realize there was a big hole in the roof over the church). Regardless, he mistakes Aerith for an angel and quickly finds his way into the girl's heart.

The two decide to enjoy each others' company after meeting. It is then that Zack buys Aerith her trademark pink ribbon and takes her to the park. On their "date", Aerith shares her views of the SOLDIERs with Zack. It is really no surprise that she finds people who were experimented on rather scary. Yet she feels bad for intimating this when she learns that Zack is a SOLDIER. Thus she quickly changes the subject and the two have a moment of sugary flirtation over the SOLDIER's Mako blue eyes. (During said flirtation, she decides that because his Mako blue eyes are the same color as the sky then "they're not scary at all".)

Unfortunately, their "date" is cut short by a call from Tseng. The pair remain in contact over cell-phones, but they do not see one another again until after Angeal's death. Aerith comforts Zack when he begins to cry.

After Zack leaves her again, Aerith continues her work as a flower-girl. She even sells flowers to Rude for his date with Chelsea. However, the big conflict during this time is between ShinRa and AVALANCHE. Both organizations want Aerith to join them. For awhile, Aerith refuses both of them until she meets Elfe.

As her and Elfe speak, she notices an "old voice" coming from her. This leads to them finding a Turk spy. Before a fight can be unleashed between the Turk and AVALANCHE forces, Aerith intervenes and stops them. When Elfe is struck with a strange weakness, another Turk allows Aerith to escape.

Not long after that, Aerith sees Zack again. He builds her a cart for her flowers - which she disapproves of (perhaps because she is angry at him for leaving her for so long). Yet she channels that frustration/anger into something creative. She tells Zack 23 of her wishes, which are written down for him to keep.

Yet, once again, Zack is not able to stay with her for very long. When he is called off to Nibelheim, Aerith tries to keep her spirits up that she will see him again. But the years pass and pass and pass. Five years later, Aerith has written him 89 letters. Tseng has kept them safe for her yet they are never given to Zack (save for one).

In the end, Aerith never sees Zack again. He is gunned down by ShinRa troops. It is unknown whether or not Aerith knew of his death or if he was just thinking about her before he died. Regardless, Aerith realizes that she must move on. Once she meets Cloud, said moving on becomes a lot easier (in some respects, at least). The SOLDIER reminds her of Zack in many ways and, yet, there is something distinctly different about him. (I doubt Zack would put on a dress for example, though Aerith would probably enjoy it very much if he did.)

As soon as Cloud falls into her life (in much the same manner Zack did), Aerith hires him as her body-guard (in exchange for a date). She then tails after him - even when he tries to wander off on his own. A little while later, the pair spot Tifa on the back of a Chocobo cart. They assume she has been kidnapped by Don Corneo and thus Aerith hatches a BRILLIANT PLAN. Dressing Cloud as a girl, she and her now fem body-guard approach the Don and try to rescue Tifa. It turns out that she doesn't need rescuing and the pair, instead, find out that ShinRa has discovered the base for AVALANCHE. The trio try to stop ShinRa, but Aerith is kidnapped in the process (while she is rescuing Marlene). Cloud and co. try to rescue her, but they are kidnapped too. During their time in ShinRa custody, they find out about Aerith's heritage.

Thankfully, oddly enough, Sephiroth attacks ShinRa not long after, allowing the group a chance to escape (and they do). Yet, instead of shrinking away from the threat that is the one-winged angel, the group go off in pursuit of him. On the journey, Aerith grows close to her companions and, after visiting Cosmos Canyon, she finally accepts her abilities as a half-Cetra.

At the Temple of the Ancients (where the group knows Sephiroth to be), Aerith's powers are put to the test. Using Black Materia, Sephiroth manipulates Cloud into attacking the flower-girl. She survives the encounter and talks to Cloud in his dreams (much like she does in Advent Children), telling him that she is the only one that can stop Sephiroth. Thus, she goes off on her own and kneels on an altar in the middle of the Temple. While she is praying, Sephiroth falls down from above and impales her on his Masamune.

But that is not where Aerith's story ends. After her death, the flower-girl uses her innate Cetra abilities to control the Lifestream girdling the planet. As Jenova approaches, she pushes the Lifestream into a shield-like shape. When Jenova hits said shield, it explodes into many tiny pieces.

Throughout the events of Advent Children (which occurs well after Aerith's death), Aerith is seen now and then, encouraging Cloud to forgive himself for her death. And, at the end, she accepts Kadaj into the Lifestream as he dies. Her last actions in Advent Children are giving the citizens of the city rain that washes the Geostigma away and telling Cloud that everything will be alright now.

personality: At the beginning of her time-line (forgoing the events that happened before Crisis Core, of course), Aerith is a affectionate, flirtatious, playful, awkward girl who suffers from "foot in mouth" syndrome. Because most of her scenes feature Zack Fair (or have something to do with him/about him), he is the one that brings out Aerith's sweeter, "angelic" side.

However, he also unveils another side to the flower-girl. Said side reveals that Aerith is quite a sheltered child. Her opinion on certain matters (i.e. ShinRa SOLDIERs) has been developed through rumors or her own impression of them as a whole. Yet she isn't resistant to changing her opinion when faced with the truth. In fact, she is even open to love someone she thought she feared before.

At the end of the game (CC), it is debatable whether or not Aerith knows Zack has died (or, rather, is dying). But I think her heart-break is inevitable when it comes to the SOLDIER. He is her first love, after all. And, in that scene, Aerith's true ability to empathize/sympathize with another is shown as she prays for his well-being.

In Final Fantasy VII, Aerith has matured somewhat. However, her flirtatiousness/playfulness hasn't changed. When she meets Cloud, she doesn't waste time feeling awkward (or being awkward) around him. Instead, her new-found determination to follow her destiny overwhelms her awkwardness/occasional "foot in mouth" syndrome. (It also seems like any/all fear she had of SOLDIERs has long since passed, which is why she is eager to tease Cloud mercilessly when he dons a dress to rescue Tifa.)

Additionally, as the game progresses, it seems that Aerith has retained yet another trait from Crisis Core. Her openness to care about those around her is apparent in how she deals with the other party members as they pursue Sephiroth. However, by the end of the game (and perhaps even before it), Aerith's human traits seem to melt away. While she still interacts with Cloud and co., she fully understands that she is not meant to remain amongst them. Therefore, the final trait for the flower-girl (in life) is her other-worldliness.

Finally, in Advent Children, Aerith has matured even more. In a way, it isn't a mistake when Kadaj calls her "Mother". While she may not be the "Mother" he is searching for, she has adopted the traits of one. She is soothing and protective (not to mention forgiving) of those on the Planet. (Though she does retain her playful side. I doubt Aerith could ever lose that.) And, by the end of the movie, she is able to set Cloud's heart at ease.*

There is one trait that remains with the flower-girl throughout the games and the movie, however: her optimism. She never loses that and, thus, she is the constant source of light in her life and her after-life.

*This is why I see her as an older sister/mother type to Cloud. Yes, she does love him, but it's more familial than romantic.

why do you feel this character would be appropriate to the setting? Aerith can fit into any environment. She has a way of adding color to even the most bleak situations (I mean, look at Midgar). And I think giving her a second chance in another city would be interesting - especially now that she has experienced life in the Lifestream. She will appreciate her new life even more and reach out to those who need a friend. I could even see her opening another garden/church for her sake and the sake of others. Sanctuaries are precious, after all.

Writing Samples

Network Post Sample: [At first, there is only a quiet "hmmm...". But, then, a soft, sweet voice speaks.]

I never expected to be like this again. [She sounds bemused, though she is slowly coming to terms with her (now) beating heart.] I don't know how I feel about it. Maybe I need to give myself some time?

[Would it be better to laugh or cry? She's not sure.]

This place has a voice of its own. It's not one I've heard before. [...] ...Cloud? I saw you a few moments ago, but... I'm alive. [She inhales deeply. When she speaks again, her smile is apparent in her voice.] I want to see you. I want to see everyone! That...would be the greatest gift.

Third Person Sample: The gentle sound of the rain drumming against the battered church roof lulled Aerith into a dreamy state. Stretched out on a pew, she tried to look anywhere but at the slate gray sky. Even with the clouds obscuring the yawning void, she couldn't help but feel uncomfortable. Shifting, the flower-girl pillowed her head on her arm and gazed softly at her vibrant yellow and white irises. They were sprouting up nicely. She would have plenty of stock to pedal on the streets.

"Mm..." she yawned, sitting up slowly and pulling her hair down, "Are you fighting monsters, Soldier?" she grinned down at the pink ribbon in her hands, brushing her thumbs over the fabric, "Don't let your guard down. I want you to come back to me." she brought the ribbon to her chest and held it briefly against her heart, "I'll keep writing, don't worry. You'll never feel alone."

After brushing through her hair, Aerith re-gathered it and tied the ribbon in place. Then, she brushed off her skirt and walked leisurely to her garden.

"Hm I hope that wasn't too much." she knelt down and tested the soil. Pleased with the dampness, she gently began to pluck the flowers that were ready to be sold. After placing them in one of her carts, she pulled the contraption to the doors of the church. A moment later, she was on the streets of Midgar, offering its citizens bright splashes of color in an otherwise dreary city.

It wasn't really about the money. Aerith could exist on very little - though she did need some income. In reality, she loved seeing the faces of those who inhaled the sweetness of her flowers for the first time.

"Thank you for your patronage~." a bright smile curved her lips as yet another customer buried their nose in the blooms, "I hope it brings you happiness."

Anything else? Hai, again! 83